We finish every construction project with quality materials, obsessive attention to detail and most of all, a dedication to putting you first. While we are always trying to work around your schedule, we may also give our contact details to your neighbours so they can tell us their concerns about noise or any other disturbance. In addition to this, we make it our mission to take the time to explain our process so you can feel comfortable with the advancement of the project. Finally, our team of meticulously handpicked contractors are the best in their discipline. Their know-how goes past technical expertise. Our contractors get to know you and many former customers have become life-long friends. As a result, people tell their friends about our construction company because of our commitment to communication, quality and respect.

Tile flooring has a number of favourable properties such as its sturdiness, temperature tolerance and its stain resistance. Although tiles are most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, tile flooring can deliver a refined style to any room of your house. Our contractors have more than 30 years laying tiles all around Mauritius. In conclusion; whether ceramic or porcelain, tiles provide the superior feel of natural stone and it is easy to maintain and care for.

Similarly, hardwood flooring provides a variety of options; from unique designs and styles to distinctive stains and finishes. As a result, the elegance and beauty of this type of flooring can really give a room character. Ease of maintenance and durability are additional benefits that make hardwood appealing. With the help of Silver Ace Builders and with proper maintenance, they could last a lifetime.

Our construction company also offers complete professional painting services. We can sand walls for an impeccable finish, we repair cracks with fibreglass mesh tape where needed and we apply skim coat with plaster mix to repaired areas.

Water and energy are becoming increasingly valued commodities in Mauritius.
An important component of any home or building is consequently the plumbing piping system and we expect our team to be trained on all the technical requirements. Our contractors are trained to work in the safest, most efficient and cost-effective way.
We also provide a wide range of minor electrical installations from the beginning stages of a project to building maintenance. We work hard to provide competitive estimations for all types of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical projects.
Above all, Silver Ace Builders joins with owners and contractors to create buildings that will meet the highest standards of sustainability for tomorrow.

Whether you are in the market for a replacement PVC window or a shiny new front door, our technicians have the skills that it takes to get your projects completed promptly.
Therefore, let our door and window specialists contractors visit and review with you the many affordable choices that are available.
Here at Silver Ace Builders, we have a wide range of PVC doors and windows to fit your every need! For that reason, when you are looking to give your property a fresh modern look, turn to our skilled contractors who will help you find your perfect opening to complement your property.